SUBIRA, an 11 yr old rebellious Muslim girl's life is thrown into tumult after she comes of age and is expected to wear the veil. She is a free-spirited girl who wants to live by the same rules that apply to her younger brother.

Raised in an orthodox Muslim community in the remote island of Lamu, Kenya, her tyrannical mother wants her to follow tradition, learn household chores and aim to be a good wife, just like all the rest.

SUBIRA however, has other plans. She wants to live by her own rules no matter what people say. Is Subira able to find the balance between tradition and modernity or does she succumb to a life of conventional bondage?

This searing family drama vividly captures the paradox of modernity versus tradition.

To view SUBIRA -the short film, click here.

Ravneet Chadha





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